Mayi Business Services


Why not just do my own books?

Of course you can do that if you want!  But wouldn't you rather spend that time building your business?  We are passionate about "the numbers," and would happily take this off your hands!  

Why Mayi instead of someone else?

Because we know the numbers are more than just numbers.  They are about the health of your business.  And they reflect your goals.  That's why everyone's bookkeeping needs are different.  So we offer a consultation prior to any commitment so that we can best design the package that YOU need.

In addition to talking about the specifics of bookkeeping, we can talk with you in depth about your business, where you feel it's heading now, and how we can help you change direction if you feel it's needed.

But I don't understand financial reports!  It's just a bunch of figures to me!

We get it!  And that is definitely NOT how it should be.  We can review these reports with you.  And it WON'T be just "and here's where your assets stand this month."  We will discuss why knowing the information on these reports is important in language easy to understand.

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